SUP polo?

SUP polo is a super-fun and addictive ball game on paddleboards. The SUP polo field has two goals and players have special paddles with which it is possible to "hold" and throw the ball.
There are 3 people in a team and the goal is to get the ball into the goal and do that more times than the opposing team.

When? Where?

We have a polo field set up on Anne Canal. Come play with friends or book sessions for a whole month or summer.
Check out the prices and make your bookings via e-mail


Feel like becoming a professional SUP polo player? Maybe not. Haven't played SUP polo before - doesn't matter. If you can see the ball, you can play the ball!
There are different competitions coming up this summer again. So build your team and don't hesitate to take part. If you don't win, you'll have tons of fun!
The rules are easy, water's warm and fun day guaranteed!
Info about upcoming events can be found on our facebook page.


  • There are 3 players on a team.
  • 6 inflatable SUP Polo boards
  • 6 SUP Polo paddles
  • 1 SUP Polo ball
  • 2 goals (width: 2,7m, height: 1,3 m )
  • 1 inflatable field 20 x 25 m
  • Two 10 minute half times (teams to change sides at halftime)
  • 5 minute pause in halftime
  • 5 minute overtime (in case of a tie)
  • If game tied after end of overtime, each player will shoot 1 shot at goal from midfield – the most goals wins
  • If still tied, each team will take a shot in sudden death shoot-out – team who scores first wins
  • Ball to be played with paddle only
  • No use of hands, feet or head to advance ball
  • Ball can only be played while standing up, no kneeling or in the water passes or shots.
  • No goalie in front of the goal allowed, all players must be paddling
  • No international contact with another player by striking paddles, or boards.
  • Use hand or feet to block or advance ball – opposing team gets ball at point of foul.
  • Running into another team players board or stepping on another players board- opposing team receives ball at point of contact.
  • A player is positioned in front of goal without paddling and acting as a goalie – opposing team receives the ball.
  • Kneeling while passing the ball or retrieving ball from the water while player is in the water – opposing team receives ball at point of foul.
  • Holding the ball for longer than 10 seconds is forbidden -  opposing team receives the ball. (NEW!)
*in case of a minor foul the opposing team will continue from the spot where the foul took place
  • Intentionally charging another players board  with your board – 1 min penalty assessed.
  • Using hands or feet or head to block goal from being scored – penalty shot from midfield.
  • Player is standing in front of goal (blocking), without paddling, shot is taken and blocked – penalty shot from midfield.
  • When penalty shots are taken, all players must be behind player taking shot at midfield.
  • Any player receiving 3 (1 min) penalties is disqualified. Team will play remainder of the game with only 2 players.